Even though river cruises and ocean cruises are the same in many ways, you will find some vital differences as well. In general, ocean liners are larger in size and have additional amenities in each room. Given their more substantial size, they can carry many more people on board. Since river ships hold fewer individuals, passengers tend to get to… Read More

Planning your family vacation can be challenging as you have lots of people to think about. Families change and so do their preferences and interests. The ideal vacation is waiting for you, whether you are vacationing with small children or big ones, young adults or grandma and grandpa. Family vacations are necessary for family members to spend qua… Read More

Throughout the 1920s, Victor and its executives received supreme prosperity which allowed them to determine marketplaces outside of their authentic functions base in Camden, NJ. After officially establishing Victor Talking Device Co with Emile Berliner, the latter headed into the U.S. in order to acquire charge in handling the remaining investments… Read More

Through the very beginning, Victor was deemed as being a pioneer while in the production processes which led to its increase during the field by dealing with popular recording artists. In 1901, Victor introduced the so-referred to as “three-track puzzle record” (only one-sided A-821). Two decades later on, the business also developed a … Read More

It had been in 1896 when Victor founders E.R. Johnson and Emile Berliner first joined forces at a small garage in Camden, NJ. The crew up brought about Victor’s acquisition of the Pan-American rights in employing its well known trademark which depicts a fox terrier named Nipper Hearing a gramophone. The trademark scene was captured in 1898 w… Read More